Mr. Hooper 1B

January 19, 1924 – May 11, 2000

The Hooper Fund was established in December, 2000 to honor the memory of Robert Nelson Hooper, an eighth-generation Manchester native. After school and in the summers, Bob Hooper employed many young people at his store, Hooper’s Grocery. The family store operated for 128 years at 6 School Street. Bob was devoted to the welfare of the children in the community and was actively involved throughout his life with the School Committee, Boys Scouts, sailing, skiing and Little League.
It is the mission of the Hooper Fund to promote after school and summer educational and recreational programs for children in the community. Every year, The Fund receives many grant requests. The monies awarded for these grants have been used to establish scholarship programs, sponsor youth activities, enhance library programs, purchase athletic and recreational equipment, establish a high school speaker series, sponsor concerts and movies in the park and provide “seed” money for new programs for children.
Each November, the Directors of the Hooper Fund run an annual appeal through letters to the greater community for donations. It’s through these generous contributions that funds for the grants are awarded. From January through March grants are submitted. In April the Directors meet to discuss all grant requests and the awards are distributed in May.


The Directors of the Hooper Fund

Abby Considine    Muffin Driscoll    Robert Fulford    Robert Garlitz     Robert Hooper

Sue Kent      Anne Kneisel    Tyler Kneisel     Lynda Surdam